Little Spooktember 2018

I can’t believe September had come and gone! Last month I decided to join #LittleSpooktember on Instagram as a way to challenge myself to draw on a more frequent basis. With work being so hectic, I haven’t had much time to work on my own stuff and improve my own personal style, so these challenges have been really amazing for my otherwise exhausted brain. I didn’t get to do all the prompts, and some prompts have been combined into one illustration, but I’m pretty happy with it nonetheless.

I’m also now ready to join my first #Inktober! Follow my Instagram (@Kimachuart) if you want to check out my work!  

Black Cat and Ghost.  

Pumpkin Party  


Grim Reaper and Candle.  


Fav Killer.  

Vintage Halloween.  

Bigfoot and The Lochness Monster  


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May the 4th Illustration

Alright, I am a little late posting this on this blog, but I just wanted to share this fun self-portrait of myself in my BB8 Cosplay. Like many, I grew up watching and absolutely loving Star Wars. I still marathon the original trilogy at least twice a year. May the 4th is also always celebrated in my household! Now that I have a couple years of sci-fi filmmaking under my belt, I have a much fonder appreciation for the genre and the amount of imagination and skill it takes to create universes much like Star Wars!

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Kim Draws Drag Queens

I have been binge watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race lately and have been inspired by the incredible looks the queens are serving. I’ve started drawing them on my iPad. I always find drawing fan art to be a great way to practise and experiment with style. It’s just something that keeps my creative juices fresh while just having fun with it.

Here are some doodles I’ve done based on Season 3 All Stars Queens!

Ben De La Creme’s Katy Perry lip sync outfit from Episode 4.

Ben De La Creme’s Goth Kitty Girl look from Episode 6.


Trixie Mattel’s Mathlete Kitty Girl look from Episode 6.


This one is my personal favourite: Bebe Zahara Benet’s Studio 54 look from Episode 5!

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Sissy That Talk

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is practically a religion to us. So much so that two of my dear friends, Alex Woodside and Velvet Valhalla (who also happens to be a drag queen herself!) host an opinion podcast on the show with the most in depth analysis of each episode. I drew the original logo of Sissy That Talk back when it started in 2015. Velvet and I both agreed that the banner needed a bit of a makeover. This is what I came up with!

If you like Ru Paul’s Drag Race as much as we do, check out their podcast at!

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Greetings, Friends!


Welcome to my blog! Here is where you will find some of my random doodles, rough sketches, personal artwork  and other ramblings I might have.

First things first, let’s get some introductions out of the way! My name is Kim. I’m a graphic designer/illustrator from The Hollywood North (aka. Toronto). That’s my self-portrait above. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. My grandfather would give me an endless supply of scrap paper to doodle on. I drew mostly storyboards of made-up stories that pop into my head. I was also a painfully shy child, and sadly I threw out most of my work as soon as I drew them (I know. How dramatic was I, right?). Some doodles survived inside various books and my mom’s recipe binder though!

I’ve experimented with different media, styles and subjects as I grew older. Right now I am more focused on digital illustration and graphic design. I try to keep things light and fun… I’m all about the low-brow art! I also currently work in the film industry as a graphic designer. I make the blur of colours you see behind the heads of actors legit!

Nice to meet you!

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