Animal Crossing

During the Covid Lockdown of 2020, I, like many others across the globe, discovered Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This relaxing game became my main creative and social outlet during a time of anxiety and uncertainty that came with the pandemic. This newfound hobby turned into a truly random opportunity I didn’t expect: I was hired to design a 5-star island and custom in-game merchandise for Hellmann’s Canada and UK! This award-winning ad campaign was an incredibly fun and rewarding little project to be a part of, and it turned virtual turnips into real meals for people in need!

Hellmann's Island
Spoiled Turnip Depot
Hellmann's Farm
Second Harvest Outdoor Kitchen
Hellmann's Step & Repeat Wall
Hellmann's Merchandise
Hellmann's Lighthouse
Hellmann's South Beach
Hellmann's Halloween Food Waste Costumes
Hellmann's Holiday Food Jumpers
Hellmann's Holiday Island

See the three iterations of the Hellmann’s Island Ad Campaign below: